Morgan’s Rock Hacienda & Ecolodge Nicaragua

     Eco Friendly Hotel

Located on a 4,000 acre expanse of Nicaraguan jungle, nearly half of Morgan’s Rock is a government-protected reserve. The remainder of this breathtaking property is set aside for low-impact agriculture (which provides our restaurant with freshest produce, meat, and dairy) and our award-winning accommodations.

Fifteen exquisite bungalows await, constructed of natural materials and tucked gracefully into the lush jungle.

Beyond the open air dining room and veranda, the serenity of the lodge’s pool is yours to enjoy as well as a mile long stretch of sandy beach where you’ll undoubtedly be spending plenty of time. Gorgeous views abound here and from nearly every spot at Morgan’s Rock. We encourage you to take the time, whether on your private terrace, the beach or from the restaurant to admire the fiery sunsets and starry nights that punctuate each day. Come join us in beautiful Nicaragua to experience the wilds of nature, seaside serenity, cultural connections, exciting excursions and time spent in barefoot luxury that you’ll never forget!

Sara's travel tips

Morgan Rock ecolodge has solar panels that produce hot water, 40% of the water is recycled. Morgan Rock eco lodge has an organic farm, and use biodegradable cleaning products. They preachreforestation and conservation of the local area, reuse the wood from fallen trees as support material wherever needed. The Eco Lodge has a baby turtle conservation project that is a nesting beach for sea turtles. The furniture in the rooms (beds, desks, chairs, etc.) was made by local artisans using the “leftover” wood from the bungalow construction. All buildings accommodate slopes and trees.

What we love

watching the giant sea turtles nestle right on the eco lodge beach; Looking for the Two-toed sloths and other amazing nocturnal animals on the night walk adventure in the middle of the tropical forest…

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