A Night in Paris at Home

Try our Tips for Cooking at Home Just like the French.

Most Parisians keep essentials in their petite kitchens for their morning coffee or quick evening meals. The dining room in Paris is the Cafe. The fine art of cafe dining can be easily created in your own home. First of all, let’s get to the basics of a typical cafe meal.

Cafe Menu Classics from Paris

  • Beefsteak, Lamb, Broiled Fish, Pork chops
  • Tossed Green Salad with Oil & Vinegar or “Nicoise”
  • Onion Soup
  • “Pot au Feu” or Meat & Vegetable Stew
  • Potatoes “Les Pommes” (Baked or Fried)
  • House Specialties: ‘Pate de Compagne’ or Fois Gras
  • Omelettes (plain or stuffed with cheese and vegetables)
  • Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame (*recipe on Twitter)
  • Cold Meats & Cheese Plates
  • Artichokes or Asparagus with Butter Sauce (steamed vegetables)
  • Crepes, sweet or savory

It’s Easy to get Started:

Here are a few ideas for your Parisian Cafe Meal: A broiled fish in the oven with white wine (any sort will do) served with a side of green salad is perfection. A seasonal favorite such as an artichoke served with the green salad, a garlic butter spread on your favorite toast. White or green beans soaked, steamed and chilled with oil and spices with a dash of vinegar. Cold meats and Cheeses served with bread and olive oil. An easy crepe recipe that needs just a few ingredients whether savory or sweet sets the mood. Our Cookbook Suggestions are much like your mom’s: THE NEW YORK TIMES for its ease of use and readability. Most of the recipes now are online as well if you are a New York Times subscriber.

Favorite Kitchen Supplies for ‘A Night in Paris’

Bon Appetit!

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