Champagne: Bubbles Away

The champagne region of Northern France is a UNESCO* protected region of the world.

Take a short ride from the Paris airport by TGV train or via the Gar de l’Est from Paris takes just 55 minutes. When you arrive it is just a short walk or taxi trip away from central REIMS main city in the area. Let’s start your tour one of the most historic regions in France.

Champagne Tours

Our favorite Champagne Houses in the region are based on several things: Are they a family owned House? Do they express the tradition and history of the region? Are they looking towards the future in the art of champagne making? The region has both the world’s largest makers of champagne and some of the most unique boutique family businesses. We suggest you pick one major house, then let the tour guides who are native to the area take you to visit smaller houses.

A Short History of the Region

Champagne is the main industry of the region. The city of Reims was one of the hardest hit of the WWI symbolized by the destruction of the Cathedral of Reims. Every stop along the way will remind you that this was one of the most hard fought battles of the 20th century. The champagne cellars protected the citizens from the bombings of World War II. Some houses were required to continue production during both wars. The French do not dwell on the past but always honor it and look towards a future of champagne making. The rebuilding of the Cathedral represents the French spirit of patriotism. Family stories of heroism and sacrifice are part of the culture. How fitting that this is the drink of celebration and renewal.

Start Your Tour: The House of Ruinart

The Ruinart Champagne Art Collection expresses the brand through inspired Pieces.

The largest caves in the entire region are part of the holdings of the house of Ruinart. This is the champagne house that made champagne for the Kings of France at the very beginning of the industry. They offer a unique tour of their deep cellars, bottling plant and their tasting room in the library is not to be missed. For online reservations you can go to their website for inquiries (currently closed). A VIP tour or special arrangements you can contact us at the concierge desk.

The House of Tattinger: A Journey of Family and Tradition

Our second favorite is TATTINGER champagne. This house was sold at one point but then the family returned more committed than ever. Tattinger welcomes you to a tour of both the cellars and the bottling areas where you will experience the magic. The family is directly involved in all aspects of the brand. The location is convenient to the center of the town of Reims. A special VIP arrangement can be made via our concierge service for a private pouring. The entire tour is designed to give you full knowledge of The Tattinger range. The bartenders at the winery are charming, handsome and ready to pour you a glass. (*Insider Tip: If you happen to drop into the Bar at HOTEL LUTETIA on the Paris LEFT BANK, don’t hesitate to ask for the special Champagne Lutetia made created by TATTINGER just for the hotel served by the glass or bottle in the bar.

Editor’s Note (*See our review of the Hotel Lutetia Here).

Tattinger Champagne Artist Bottle Collections Created each Year by Fine Artists.

Bringing Back a Traditional House for the New Age of Champagne Creation

The Champagne brand that has recently opened in the downtown REIMS within eyesight of the REIMS cathedral is POL CORONNE located just off the main street in the downtown area in their own elegant and tasting room. As a family of growers for many years the vineyards were recently revived to reinvent the family tradition. This modern champagne is determined to set 21st century traditions as a boutique champagne house. The knowledgeable team welcomes you to this jewelbox of a tasting room. You can also join in the cafe setting on the sidewalk and gaze at the beautiful spires of the Reims cathedral.  The POL COURONNE champagne is also a biodynamic product grown in a responsible way. 

A highly personal and intimate tasting experience.  To order wines or book a tasting  head to the website here: 


California Coast: Sparkling Wines

For California residents, they can enjoy the sparkling wine versions of many French champagnes made in the central Santa Barbara region. A wide variety of delicious sparkling wines are available from rose to brut to vintage style each with a main house located in the region. Just look for names like MUMMS, TATTINGER and many more.

Read about the region here with a stunning coffee table book CHAMPAGNE in a boxed presentation. For a VIP tour you can arrange to sip some bubbles in the VIP room with a specially selected vintage. For this exclusive offer, please contact us at our concierge desk.

The following Partners can Assist you in discovering more about your visit to the region. The TOURISM BOARD is the center of all things champagne and we suggest starting there for general information.  

Editor’s Note: Due to travel restrictions, VIP tours and travel to the region are not booking at this time. We will keep you on notice should you write us and express an interest we will add you to our waiting list. All Photos by ARTIFICE ATELIER and used by permission only.  

*World Unesco Designated

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