Letter from the Editor

Help UKRAINE by Donating to UNICEF

Our hearts and support go out to the people of UKRAINE and their immediate neighbors who are lending a hand to those in need. UNICEF is currently imbedded in key areas of the borders and are helping the women and children who are fleeing the war zone. No matter how small your donation, each amount helps to ensure that this vital lifeline reaches those who need it. We urge you to share this link with those you know and hold them close.

Summer Travel is Underway: Options are Open if You Plan Carefully

Traveling once again means choosing where you want to go and what inspires you, or the other way around. We are featuring many sustainable travel options. Just check each of our hotels and you will find they are providing you the safety and sustainability options you prefer. Stylish views, comfortable and well appointed rooms, spa services, wine cellars, restaurants, sports courses, pet welcomes and more.  

Meet our Guest Expert on Climate Change + Sustainable Travel  

Our Guest Expert on Climate Change, Mr. Alex Verbeek, as our Director of Sustainability and Planet Culture is a new voice in the travel industry. Read his latest Post in our magazine on his recent travel experiences on the Pilgrim Trail of Portugal. Encountering other brave travelers, wildfires and sore feet, he’s also sending us dispatches you will find in our magazine.

How we can do our part individually or collectively at this critical turning point? We will explore that question and more as the year continues.

Alex Verbeek‘s Biography ( Founders page). His commentary is also available by subscription at THE PLANET.

Travel Clubs + Hotel Collections

Don’t forget our travel clubs too. You can take advantage of our entries to the clubs free of charge that promise amenities the more you travel with us. Our partner travel clubs give you Free Nights, Breakfasts, Amenities and more so worth a closer look. Our Sign up Forms + Contact Forms are located throughout the site and reach us directly.

What is a Kaleidoskope?

An instrument that allows you to look at the world with an ever-changing perspective of different patterns, colors and light. Join us on this journey as we are indeed “traveling for a better world”.

Kaleidoscope Magazine + Philanthropy

Kaleidoskope Travel Magazine will offer more places to go and showcase unique hotels as the travel season unfolds. Where you choose to travel leaves a footprint with real world consequences for the local economy, cultures and communities. Kaleidoskope magazine involves and inspires readers to re-imagine their vacation by becoming more fully engaged in their destination through charitable giving or participating worldwide through our travel community.  You can see our list of NGO’s right here. Our Travel Club joins the sustainable hotel movement that is responding by donating to NGOs.

We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter that will change the way you travel.

Our Note to Travelers: We remind you again to be sure to check your destinations for all regulations and requirements about testing, vaccines, proof of vaccinations. Check with your State Department to verify your documents and make sure you are prepared for entrance to your destination and return.

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Editor’s Note: KALEIDOSKOPE Travel is an eco- travel platform started in 2014 by Sara Rodriguez  the creator of Mindfultravelby Sara  .  

Travel Magazine Opportunities to Showcase Your Travel Experiences

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Travel Influencers – Join Us! Become a Tablet Plus Club Member to Travel + Report for Us!

We are pleased to announce the merger of  KALEIDOSKOPE MEDIA a travel website with Artifice Atelier Digital Agency.   known for our luxury travel writing, special events, magazine content.  The Hospitality Media services combine our unique platform and experience as digital branding experts.  Our magazine offers editorial content, accompanying social channels and an audience eager to travel.  

Sara said it best: 

“My desire to support the efforts of non-profits is a unique feature of this travel portal that allows you to designate funds or get involved directly through local partners as you book vacations worldwide”. 

Explore the Other Way to Travel by donating to our NGOs.

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Discover the NGOs we are involved with!

Each for profit training experience is tied to a non-profit initiative. When you invest in your travels through journeys and experiences, you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re also helping support women, girls and wildlife conservation and much more.

The Joy of Community. Change the World. Travel with us as You support our Charity efforts around the world.