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Letter from the Editor

Explore Your Next Adventure from your Couch. 

Kaleidoskope:  An instrument that allows you to look at the world with an ever-changing perspective of different patterns, colors and light. It is a unique symbol of how to view the world with its many places and cultures. 

Kaleidoskope began  because we saw a need for travelers to give back each time they travel to worldwide NGOs and local charities.  You can give back through our Travel Club to the people and community when you travel with our donation programs.  You can see our list of NGO’s right here.

In these times it’s important to remember our friends and family right at home who need our love and support.   We will share our re-launch plans and new destinations with you in the coming weeks so you can dream about your next journey.  Until then you can read travel inspirations from our many travel influencers right here. 

Until then, Stay Safe.  

Pikke Allen, Editor in Chief of Kaleidoskope Travel

Travel Influencers Are Invited 

We are pleased to announce the merger of  KALEIDOSKOPE MEDIA a travel website with Artifice Atelier Digital Agency.  We will offer the same unique travel experiences to our followers and fans as well as work with hospitality partners to bring our audiences together with their unique properties and share their stories. We offer a unique platform for a property, tour and experiences that can be featured both on our magazine platform, social media and newsletter. Our travel influencers bring their own perspective to the mix. 

Our Travel Club is just beginning and we will roll out new and exciting offers and deals for members this coming year. 

happy travel

Click on Testimonials and see what happy travelers say about us!

Editor’s Note: KALEIDOSKOPE Travel is an eco- travel platform started in 2014 by Sara Rodriguez  the creator of Mindfultravelby Sara  .  

Travel Magazine

Travel Magazine Kaleidoskope

Kaleidoskope magazine involves and inspires readers to re-imagine their vacation by becoming more fully engaged in their destination through charitable giving or participating worldwide through our travel community. 

Our Media Kit for the Magazine will be released soon so that your hospitality property, vacation rental or tour experience can be featured with social media, content  and  direct mail programs. 

Sara said it best: 

“My desire to support the efforts of non-profits is a unique feature of this travel portal that allows you to designate funds or get involved directly through local partners as you book vacations worldwide”. 

Explore the Other Way to Travel

change the world

Our online magazine and booking portal will focus on exclusive luxury travel and share with you the unique people who have created the destinations and experiences that are eco-sensitive and mindfulness of the planets’ resources and cultures.

Discover the NGOs we are involved with!

Each for profit training experience is tied to a non-profit initiative. When you invest in your travels through journeys and experiences, you’re not only helping yourself, but you’re also helping support women, girls and wildlife conservation, and much more.

The Joy of Community. Mindful Travels and Adventures will create a sense of purpose that is beyond a mere vacation. Change the World.


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