At the top of Mount Kilimanjaro

Full of extensive and open plains, Tanzania makes the visitor feel very small. And so it should be, because from the moment you arrive, you will discover one of the largest populations of wildlife in the world.


Things to do in Tanzania

It will not be hard to see wildebeest, monkeys, antelopes, lions, leopards, crocodiles, gazelles and flamingos… because Tanzania is well known for it’s extraordinary wildlife.

What to do in Tanzania? Travelers can visit famous parks like the Serengeti, also known among Tanzanians as the endless plain with its vast meadows, rock formations and acacias’ forests.

Mt Kilimanjaro is a must -With its snow covered peaks. It remains the dream of explorers and adventurers; as well as the wonderful Ngorongoro crater. It’s a conservation area where flora and fauna are protected. Ngorongoro is home to the Masai and their herds of cattle.

mount kilimanjaro

If you visit Tanzania, an essential is Lake Manyara, which according to Hemingway, is the “most enchanting place that has been in Africa.” His face totally changes between the rainy season and the dry season. With a wide variety of species, visitors can admire amazing Tanzania wildlife.

In Tarangire , within the wooded hills, dry plains and forests of baobabs, visitors will find the hidden wonders of Tanzania.

ngorongoro crater

We can’t forget the Arusha area, -which at the foot of Mount Meru is the starting point for most Tanzania safaris; Lake Victoria, a natural tributary of the Nile River has its own microclimate with shallow waters that pass the more intense reddish sunsets in blue.

In Dar es Salaam, the traveler will have a chance to explore the lively and multicultural colorful markets like Kariakoo market where the hustle and bustle of local life are guaranteed.

National parks in the south offer the same wildlife and spectacular scenery as in the rest of the country, but with the difference that we do not see too many tourists in that area.

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