Drinks with the Blokes: Right from your Couch

Discover Great Wines on The Wine Show with your favorite British Heart Throbs

The WINE SHOW is a delicious combination of great British Blokes, gorgeous scenery, delicious meals, great guests all combined with amazing wine. No need to be a wine expert, just sit back and enjoy the show.   Each episode is centered around a travel experience and wine varietal.  Episodes about Champagne, White Wines,  Rose, Red Wines and more, so much more.  Who are the hosts?  Watch the Link Below to See!


See the Wine Show videos on the link above.

The Hosts Take you on a Wine Journey: You are learning along the Way

Mathew Ryhs, Mathew Goode, Joe Farantino (wine expert) and recently James Purefoy (also some great women hosts/experts). Watching a few English blokes (and female counterparts) navigate their way through the wine cellars, vineyards, on horseback or crashing a private eating club in Lyons, France. They also highlight a six course French lunch hosted in their lovely digs in the South of France. Series 3 is based in a Castle in Provence that is a beautiful backdrop. Each segment begins after someone takes a journey.  Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck in this super chic French Wine Chateaux for long, you’ll be traveling to some unique location to chase after a new wine.

Back in London:  The Wine Gadgets Abound

What Joe Farentino has brought to the show is not only his knowledge but also his unique take on wine gadgets and accessories. Back in London, Mathew Rhys joins him to wander through centuries of wine accessories + oddities that could only be presented in London.  What I always learn from this segment is that my kitchen island needs more drawers to hold them all.  From the eccentric to the amusing, to the useful, Joe’s choosing of his favorite wines is only matched by his gadgets. 

Take a Food Tour + Learn Food Pairings

A distinctive part of the show involves the art of wine/food pairings which the show takes very seriously.  My favorite Episode involves, well, they’re all my favorites and the out takes are also entertaining. Who can resist some of England’s most romantic heroes as they journey through the world of wine, right?  They’re your travel companions as you visit some places you have already wished you could go!

Take a quick look at the video below and be sure to watch the show before you get on the plane, with your notebook or check the website at: www.thewineshow.com

WATCH THE SERIES ON ACORN TV OR SUNDANCE TV with your Subscription for Season 3.