Casa Angelina – The Amalfi Coast – Italy

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The balance between Sea and Air at the Casa Angelina

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Balancing on the coast of the of the unique Praeano perches the extraordinary  Casa Angelina. The Hotel has a clean design inspired by the azure blue waters and white cliffs.  The hotel is ‘simpatico’ with its surroundings with water views and a spa like atmosphere.  This romantic retreat features Etro cotton sheets and clean white interiors that display the best of Italian design. The village of Praiano is set in between the famous Positano and the Amalfi giving you an escape from the crowds.

The beach is down the stairs and dedicated to the guests.  There is a private boat just for guests to take you so secluded coves.  There is a spa and meditation class to relax and then the evenings can be spent dining at the restaurant where our chef prepares Italian local dishes.  (caution: stairways + one elevator required for guests)

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What we love

Views from the cliffs over the Amalfi coast

Fine Italian Cuisine Offered

Location Away from the Crowd of the Amalfi Coastal regions

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