Coral Reef Club Barbados: A Family Legacy

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  A Legacy Hotel created by the O’Hara family

What started as a dream by a couple from England, the O’Hara’s back in the 1950’s grew into a family business that is now run by the children and grandchildren.  Budge and Cynthia O’hara came from England to develop and create the property with their experience in the hospitality industry.  They became part of the hotel and hospitality landscape on Barbados with their influence felt throughout the island.  The younger generation forged ahead to modernize the property and its famous legacy making it now one of the Barbados most sought after locations for family vacations, weddings and honeymoons.

About the Property

With a full service spa and beautifully decorated rooms and suites, your stay will be memorable.  Service and a family atmosphere has always been a tradition at the hotel.  The personalized service given by each staff member is remarked on by every guest in every review.  Families book their place each year becoming regulars to return to their own ‘home away from home’.

To book this property through our partners at SMALL LUXURY HOTELS OF THE WORLD please call our dedicated VIP DESK at:  (646) 367-14234.  Our booking code is:  00963.   WIth this first booking you can join our TRAVEL CLUB managed by our partners.   

For questions or general comments, feel free to contact us for Itinerary, Tours and Special Services from our Concierge Desk:   [email protected]


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