KALEIDOSKOPE Gift List Volume 1 : Stay Safe, Stay Cozy, Stay Fun

Travel is limited right now.  How do you make a Holiday Special?

We gathered lots of ideas for the holidays from friends and family WISH LISTS.  These are inspired by our love of travel and cozy at home tips to keep the family engaged. Even the kitty has something, just take a cruise in your pajamas down our list and just wait for the gifts to arrive. We’ve done it all for you!  Happy Shopping !

All these categories are important to keep the family occupied in what will be a long winter.  To stay safe the CDC asks that people keep their travel to a minimum.   Close to Home travel and small gatherings are strongly encouraged where possible.

We encourage you to reach out to us for our collection of hotels that are family friendly at:  booking@kaleidskopetravel.com.

CALL OUR VIP NUMBER: (646)  367-1423  VIP DESK  USING CODE:  #00963  KALEIDOSKOPE  for booking a hotel for the holidays.  Mention your pet might come along, and we’ll organize a pet friendly venue. 

NOTE:  Our EDITORS shopped these gifts so that you don’t have to. When you click on a link and order, we may receive a small commission to pay us to keep the lights on.  Thank you! 

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