Laguna Beach: The Artists Colony

The town of Laguna Beach is a hidden treasure in Southern California. The locals know understand the artistic soul possible to discover in a weekend.  Most of Southern California is on show, whether you prefer to visit Hollywood, Malibu or Santa Monica. Each place offers beach glam to regular folks or the tech billionaires of the region. The world also knows about Santa Barbara due to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who are new residents. But Laguna Beach is also an enclave. Private and the upper mountain tops are not too accessible for tourists.  Laguna Beach is not a bargain.  But as a visitor, you can experience all the joy without the high price tag just by parking and heading to the main beach and the cafes nearby.

The history of Laguna Beach is connected with the California Impressionist movement with many painters active in both Laguna Beach and around the Santa Barbara coast.  Painters flocked to these regions for the experience of painting an exploring the coastal landscape to capture its particular light.  Their touchstone was the French impressionists.  For artists the hills and mountains  of the coastal region is a signature  view of the famous California coast.   Artists still capture these unique views today. As a true art colony your visit will be a mix of cultures and crafts that make the area unique.

The galleries in town are filled with local artists, antiques and collectibles that makes for a nice walk around the town. The main street has been blocked off from cars.  Now,  walking around in the downtown area has improved.  Along the highway you’ll pass by some lovely galleries, the local garden store with open cafes and restaurants serving outside as California is now opening up gradually after the pandemic with a low infection rate.

There are touristic things to see in Laguna Beach, like the main beach. The small avenues at are filled with little shops and galleries. For surfers, there are little pockets of beaches that you can hike with your board. These are located up north as you continue up the Pacific Coast Highway.  Small beaches are hidden at the end of the roads that make it easy to hike down with your rubber hikers, then the lovely views and private sand are yours.

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To visit Laguna Beach for your weekend we suggest you find your focus: Art Galleries, Walks + Hiking, Picnics, Surfing or Glamping. Don’t forget our hotels that are also in the area and you can go from casual life at LAGUNA BEACH HOUSE to the elegant luxury of the Ritz Carlton or the Montage, Laguna Beach.

Our List of Must-Have Items for your Laguna Beach Weekend to get the CALI VIBE from our partners at AMAZON. 

The List of Newly Opened Restaurants and Take-Out Keep you updated HERE

Morning Coffee: Starbucks at Main Beach, Urth Cafe on PCH Highway

Beach Report from our Friends at OC GIRL:

Our list of Galleries and Stores to visit and enjoy the casual beach lifestyle are listed below from our locals who visit each place personally: 

Tuvalu Home * (personal favorite) Classic Beach Lifestyle
Lisa Mcdennon Design. Lisa If you love Design + Beaches = Happiness
Michelle McClendon: Handmade Luxury Hippie Jewelry
The Flower Stand:
Get your Yoga On:
Jewelry Beach Style: Neck Candy: @candacehurleyneckcandy Instagram

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