Earth Education Project

Earth Education Project‘s mission is to empower Nicaraguan women living in impoverished and isolated communities with the education and social skills they need to enter the labor market.


Earth Education Project’s vision is to provide women with an income opportunity linked to a compulsory school and social education program at a sustainable paper recycling workshop, CHURECA CHICEnabling women to break, for good, the systematic cycle of poverty affecting their families.

As a charity they aim to be self -funding by 2016 through  the CHURECA CHIC sales.

In 2013 over 20 families living in the capital’s poorest neighborhoods, received a stable income because their mother’s were given the chance to learn. In turn their children also stopped working and went to school.

You can visit the Earth Education workshop through our Eco Luxe Cultural Nicaragua Tour, watching how the women make the beautiful ‘Chureca Chic’ jewellery. Purchasing this jewellery you are directly supporting the project.

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Income alone can’t solve long-term problems. Our model is a unique way to address the systematic problem of lack of education leading to a lack of income and earning potential.
Our belief is that international development should be sustainable and therefore have designed the programme and charity structure around a commercial product; unique high-quality, recycled paper goods, that can provide funds to implement much needed school and social education to empower women.

Earth Education Project

Why Nicaragua? Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean after Haiti. The country’s population is young, with over 50% under 25 years of age, and the opportunity to educate and incorporate into the economy the upcoming generation could determine whether Nicaragua becomes one of Latin America’s success stories.

Women compromise 60% of Nicaraguan population investing in them is key to building a strong economic and social climate in Nicaragua.

EEP’s workshop is based near the La Chureca community. Set on the outskirts of Managua, the capital city, this community is made up of some 900 families who make a living from the rubbish thrown out by the capital cities’ inhabitants.

They collect salvageable trash for their own use or to sell to individual manufacturers and businesses. Since January 2013 a recycling plant operates in the community providing 200 jobs.

We empower women from La Chureca, through providing them with an income opportunity recycling scrap paper into artisan quality paper products as part of our label CHURECA CHIC so that they can overcome poverty and become agents of change in their communities.

The EEP programmes further their education and social skills so that they develop an employable skill set whilst receiving an income to in the future integrate themselves into the Nicaraguan labour force.

Why women?  Women invest 90 cents of every dollar they make back into the health, nutrition and education of their families. Investing in women is creating a future of opportunity for their children and supports overall community development

Female education has been linked to higher wages; reduced mortality rates; and better communitywide health and education.

EEP’s workshop is a place of learning designed as an income opportunity in order to encourage women to attend classes and workshops ensuring the development of their education and social skills. It’s a programme that works: learning and work go hand in hand

Your support means they won’t be living on a dump they’ll be making a living from it.

Would you like to get involved and help empower Nicaraguan women?


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All donations make a difference as 100% of your donation reaches the women we work with. We require funding to provide lasting solutions and therefore believe that donors should be able to trace where their generous support goes.


“I know in the future that everything will be better for me. This project has supported me in my most difficult moments. Ever since I signed up to the workshop I felt good as they treat me so well…The workshop provides me with an opportunity to learn. I know how to recycle paper, make cards and work with recycled materials.”


“My dream is that the workshop turns into a sustainable project for the community where I can have the opportunity to work and learn with dignity, so I do not have to go to La Chureca. I have hope that this dream will become reality because it is not just my dream but also that of many of the girls taking part in the workshop”

Would you like to get involved and help empower Nicaraguan women?


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