POL COURONNE: A Modern Boutique Brand of Champagne


Jean-Baptiste Prevost –  Winemaker and CEO of POL COURONNE  

“When I was a child, the vine was my playground, and I used to watch the care with which my grandfather worked the land. He was recognized in France for his unique contribution to the industry in 1921 with its highest Agricultural Honor.  To become a winemaker was a dream for me, and the House of Pol Couronne legacy came to me in 2013 when I realized the importance of the values handed down by my ancestors: savoir-faire, authenticity, humility & the excellence of a noble product. 

Boutique Champagnes and Organic Growing

To create a high-quality champagne demands of us high expectations in our grapes’ quality.  I am convinced of the importance of working with the land and respect for nature; Our familial vines are cultivated with responsible farming, and we also follow some biodynamic principles. The diversity of Champagne will owe its salvation to those people who aim for excellence.  Pol Couronne Champagne represents a guarantee of quality for all those lovers of its delicate bubbles. ”   

There is a lovely selection of champagnes including a ROSE,  A GRAND CRU,  A BRUT and more.  For more information on the website in France:  www.champagne-polcouronne.com

To order direct for shipment in 40 US States:  www.winevip.com

Contact: THELUXEVENT@gmail.com for questions about ordering or setting up a local Los Angeles Tastings



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