The Paris Girl Look

Ines de la Fressange – The Original Paris Fashion Influencer

Her name was synonymous with Karl Lagerfeld when he was the KING OF CHANEL. She was the face of CHANEL on the runways and his muse. As the original Fashion influencer, INES de LA FRESSANGE remains one of Paris’s most creative fashion stylists. Her business, is focused on a flagship store in Paris located on the LEFT BANK. Her online business ships around the world. What makes her a living fashion legend?

Ines shown in front of her Left Bank Store welcoming everyone with a Wave!

Ines de La Fressange- Ultimate Effortless Chic

The ease of the French Girl Look comes from years living in a world where fashion is a second language. The essence of “French Girl” looks is talked about everywhere. What is they mystery of putting things together with an effortless chic? I can draw on my own experience with my French auntie; she did not fuss with too many details. Her investment in key classic pieces (there was always a Chanel in the closet that came out on Sundays) mixed in with simple basics made of fine materials. Quality, not quantity. She knew her best colors, what shapes best suited her figure and was always in this uniform of traditional chic. Her style might be considered “old school” nowadays, but the points remain the same: Pick what works for you, and stick with it. Don’t be carried onwards by instant trends here today, gone tomorrow. Find the colors, shapes and fabrics that appeal; then invest. See the LOOKBOOK here for your inspiration. Watch for our next fashion installment on how to create this look right from the Local shops near you!

Fresh Spring Looks for Spring/Summer 22

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