Domaine des Etangs, Charente

A Magic + Sustainable Castle in France

A storybook landscape and picturesque countryside welcomes you to enjoy the countryside life evocative of a country manor or royal pedigree.  The lake is part of the estate for you to paddle around or you can enjoy countryside walks  amongst the woods nearby.  The property meets all the requirements for a sustainable hotel. Covid Safe Practices.

What did Kings + Queens Do? 

There are individual buildings that make up the estate and host each of the romantic suites and bedrooms of which there are only 18.  You are welcomed to the restaurant that is farm to table cuisine.  You can also enjoy the spa on the premises for ultra-relaxing experiences.  For the equestrian, the horse trails around the property also give you another view of the area. The Sustainable practices also include forest management, and special soil enrichments that help to keep the region protected. If you book with us we’ll enrol you in the INVITED TRAVEL CLUB with its perks and amenities.

Here are a few snapshots of the hotel that awaits your arrival.

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