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Let’s go to France! The first book we read from the well known travel website The GOOD LIFE FRANCE and author Janine March. Her book My Good Life in France is our first pick. A city girl, the story began after many years of taking the boat train to Calais. She purchased a tumbledown farmhouse in the northern region of France. There, her adventure begins. Acute observations, witty stories and delicious descriptions of food and fun. Her recipe for success: French characters with a dash of wit. Small towns with stuffy officials and impossible regulations. Numerous animal adoptions from ducks to dogs, cats and some noisy geese. Janine offers advice on a successful way to transition to living in France. Each chapter offers a unique view into life in France in a small country village.

Expats to France are Divided into Groups:

The expat community in France consists of many English people, Americans and Europeans the world over. Each is seeking out a new life. Retirees, Escapees, Lifestyle Changers (*Janine’s own descriptions) to this I would add: “Professional Dreamers”Would-Be Artists” “Travel Muses“. Her great advice to anyone who wishes to live in France or just to travel there.

Our Next reads are equally fun and focus on Aquitaine or Nouvelle Aquitaine outside Bordeaux and into the Eastern Countryside. This one is called “Beginning French by Les AmericainesEileen McKenna and Marty Neumeier. Another adventure in France’s countryside and the perils of purchasing a country real estate property. This book is all about their adventure. Many cases of Rose later, the book will share with you some secrets about the countryside. I am starting it tonight, I promise to report back. Editor’s Note: To Buy Janine’s Book, click on the image below for Amazon Shop. Thanks.

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