Travel Tools for A New World


10 Travel Tools to keep you traveling safely via trains, planes and automobiles.

What we all need now is to ‘keep calm and carry on’. Here are some of our favorite things we like to recommend for all travelers as well as some new things we will all need as the world opens up again.

  1. The elegant Voyageur Tumi Backpack for women in Black with Gold zippers will hold your necessaries for your journey like backpacks because they leave you hands free for your second wheeled carry-on bag.
  2. Samsonite is a legacy American brand recently making European luxe lists as a best choice for travelers. The wheeled bag set can be used for both check-in and carry-on in a variety of colors.
  3. Eye Massager with bluetooth for tunes and warmth for relaxation for long flights that comes in grey or bold yellow and red. This eye massager is useful for tired eyes, dark circles and dry eye.
  4. Cover your ears in a good way with noise cancelling headphones with latest bluetooth technology that are lightweight to carry.
  5. Earbuds – These are reasonably priced and perfect for running. They are waterproof and easy to pair with both ios and Android platforms.
  6. Cameras designed for easy use and travel adventures, we are proposing the Canon Powershot G9 X camera which will set you up fine and not take up too much space in your carry-on. Easy to share via wifi capability with your smartphone.
  7. Take a little nap with this easy buckwheat pillow to keep you from getting a sore neck on the train or plane.
  8. Keep all things charged up with this travel battery and stay connected on trains where power outlets can be a challenge.
  9. Masks: We like the ones from CLARE V’s website. They are not medical grade but look cute and keep your fashion look from going to far south. For enclosed spaces wear a higher medical grade mask.
  10. Slip on Shoes: Walking in airports can be a pain in the foot, so we recommend these for easy walking and carrying on. There are a variety but the SKECHERS slip ons are user friendly and not pricey. They come in a variety of colors. You can afford to toss these at the end of your trip.

Editor’s Note: We also advise that everyone follow specific recommendations for travel safety and personal protections as required by your carrier and national CDC guidelines.

Editor’s Note: As per our terms and conditions we may receive compensation for our recommendations.


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