We hope we can answer all your questions with the following FAQ. If what you are looking for is not covered below,  We’d love to hear from you at:  hello@kaleidskopetravel.com

What is Kaleidoskope?

Kaleidoskope is a luxury travel magazine and travel portal dedicated to providing discerning travelers with extraordinary and unique experiences around the world.

Our philosophy is “Change the World one Vacation at a time”. We are actively involved in local community projects and donate up to a 5% of every booking.  We welcome travelers to our fundraising pages for them to give directly as well. 

We look for hotels and experiences that are eco-conscious, with policies in place that do not impact the local environment.

Kaleidoskope Travel is Different

9 Reasons why Book your trip with Kaleidoskope and discover why you should choose us for your next special travel experience. Our dedicated travel specialists will ensure your trip is the best it can be.

Why do members choose Kaleidoskope instead of other luxury booking travel options?

We start with a growing portfolio of hundreds of Signature Residences in many of the world’s most sought-after destinations. Our aim it so pick partners that meet our high expectations. 

Who travels with Kaleidoskope?

Kaleidoskope travelers are mostly discerning couples and families from Europe and United States. Our age groups range from young families to retired or solo travelers who want to discover new places.  We will also be launching special curated group tours in the future.

What about travel and health insurance?

Adequate travel and emergency medical insurance is essential and is your responsibility.  In addition we’ve found that many travelers enjoy the convenience of World Nomads.

How much does club membership cost?

Becoming a Kaleidoskope Travel Club Member has benefits for you and your family. Each level of membership has unique services and reflects the way you like to travel.  Soon our re-launch in 2020 will have new offers!

Can I become a member and book wherever I live?

Absolutely. No matter where in the world you live, you can book our exclusive trips and hotels and become a Kaleidoskope Travel Club Member. We will happily accept both USA domestic and  international credit cards in our upcoming secured bankcard portal. 

How do I know if my personal information is safe in my account?

The safety of your credit card and personal information are our highest priority. We do not share, sell or otherwise use your personal information without your permission, except when required by law or any legal process.

We use the utmost care and security with any information in your account and will not use this information in ways to which you have not consented. We also never take credit card information over the phone, via e-mail or through any other direct form of contact. Recent laws in the state of California, USA have also added additional protections as of January 1, 2020. 

We require you to personally enter your credit card information when making a purchase and show only the last 4 digits of the card stored on your account. We can never charge your card without your explicit permission to do so.

How do I update my account information?

Your account can be accessed by clicking on the Sign In at the top right corner of the Kaleidoskope homepage. You can manage all your current consults and bookings, as well as purchase gift cards, view your account credits and contact your travel specialist.

Also, this page allows you to manage all the information regarding your e-mail preferences, user name, billing and credit card.

How do I end my membership with Kaleidoskope?

If you no longer want to be a member of Kaleidoskope Travel Club, please email a request to cancel your membership.  Email that here: 

Login problems

If your login doesn’t work,  PLEASE LET US KNOW.

How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password to Kaleidoskope, click on the link below:

How and when do I receive credit for inviting a friend?

We will credit your account when your friend makes their first purchase. There’s no limit to how many friends can join through you, so invite away!

Is there a limit to the amount of credit I can have?

Absolutely not. In fact, we suggest inviting every person you know so you can get millions in credit. Well, you’d have to know millions of people first, but it’s worth a try.

Do invitation credits expire?

Credits earned by inviting a friend will expire after one year.

Can I purchase credits?

At this time, Client Credits are not available for purchase.

Are Client Credits refundable?

No. If a purchase with Client Credits is canceled, the Client Credits will not be credited.

Can I transfer Client Credits to another Client account?

No, Credits are not transferable.

How does payment work?

All reservations are prepaid in full or a deposit needed and are nonrefundable. We accept most major credit cards, including many international cards. If you have any questions about payment, please email HELLO@kaleidoskopetravel.com

What taxes and fees are included in each purchase?

We do our best to include all the mandatory taxes and fees charged by each property and tour company in the final price for each Kaleidoskope experience. However, if there are any fees that are not included, we will be sure to note these in the Details tab and/or the What to Know sections of the event’s page.

When do I receive my confirmation for booking?

You will receive a confirmation email immediately after submitting your order that will include your Kaleidoskope Order and Reservation numbers. Within a week of your purchase, we will send you another email with the hotel/tour supplier confirmation number.

Can I cancel or modify a reservation after I book?

In order for us to provide such exclusive rates and services, we have a strict no-cancellation/modification policy.  All rooms/tours are prepaid in full or a deposit needed and are nonrefundable.  It is advised to purchase travel insurance if you feel this is necessary.  During the COVID-19 crisis, some of our partners will gladly refund if there are issues that are travel related to a specific area but this depends on our partners.

However, we will always do our best to accommodate your requests in times of emergency.

Do I need to bring anything with me in order to check in?

We suggest bringing a copy of your hotel/tour supplier confirmation number, as this number links your Kaleidoskope reservation with the reservation the hotel/tour has processed in its system. This will help eliminate any potential check-in issues.

Do you provide any sort of extra pre-arrival information for the tours and packages?

We will send you an email with all the necessary pre-arrival information to make your travel as smooth as possible and help you in every step of the way.

Who can I contact about becoming a partner with Kaleidoskope?

Kaleidoskope curators hand select the properties and tours that we feel will best resonate with our members and pursue relationships with those brands. If you would like to submit your brand for review, please send your information partners@kaleidoskopetravel.com

Can I suggest hotels/tours and locations?

Absolutely. In fact, please do so as much as possible. We always love to hear what our clients want to see more of. Your suggestions are very important to us and will be researched and considered for future partnerships.

When is my Reservation confirmed?

Immediately after you complete the reservation process, you will receive a confirmation page (on screen) and a copy will be sent to you via e-mail. If you don’t believe you received the e-mail, be sure to check your email filter settings and any mailboxes that hold filtered mail.

Your confirmation page will include your confirmation number, dates, rates, and all other necessary details. Although you do not need this email to check-in, we encourage you to print it out for your own reference.

How can I view my confirmed Reservation?

You can check your reservation online by clicking on “USER”, located on the right side of our homepage, and securely logging in with your email address and password. Also, when viewing the details of your “Current Reservation”, you can email a copy of your confirmation page to the address of your choice.

Cannot find record of my Reservation

If you cannot find record of your reservation in your Client account, don’t worry! Email js at hello@kaleidoskopetravel.com

I ordered one of your products but haven’t received an email confirmation.


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