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Frequently Asked Questions about Kaleidoskope Travel

Kaleidoskope Travel is a luxury travel magazine and travel club portal dedicated to providing discerning travelers with extraordinary HOTEL experiences around the world.   We are Travel Curators and experts on France Travel and Paris Travel Experiences with 10+ years of experience LIVING and WORKING in FRANCE.  We also raise money for charity organizations around the world that we hope to inspire you to become a sustainable + responsible, as well as a mindful traveler. Our magazine provides unique content to inspire your travels.

See the PHILANTHROPY page to see how We Affect Change around the world. 

Our Hotel Partners: Small  Luxury Hotels of the World (slh.com) are affiliated with the Hyatt &  Hilton Hotels. TABLET HOTELS and TABLET PLUS are a unique collection of hotels around the world, including resorts, all-inclusives and unusual locations that defy description. All our partners offer unique travel clubs for you to join and booking through our agency allows you Perks + Deals.


Making a Reservation:  By contacting us directly about a property we can arrange the VIP booking with a  LINK and CODE on a secure booking platform provided by our partners for the completion of your reservations. By filling out our front page form about your trip, travelers and destinations, you’re on your way to an adventure.

We can also plan your itinerary through our network of local experts and contacts and offer you a 15 minute free consultation. If you wish to go forward with an itinerary, we charge $50.00 per hour for our ITINERARY planning on your behalf if we are booking more than one reservation or destination experience.

Our LEGACY PARTNERS + friends of KALEIDOSKOPE TRAVEL also offer unique hotel experiences. We are subject to their terms and conditions. Don’t worry, we are fully transparent about our Prices + offers in all cases for your reservations. We also offer a VIP TRAVEL DESK for any issues with our partners. Please make a note that we are subject to all terms and conditions provided by our partners for all reservations.

We are also a media services company in the travel industry and encourage you to check out our information in our ABOUT US section of the menu.

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Accessibility:  Kaleidoskope Media, LLC.  values inclusion and accessibility and we strive to ensure our site is accessible to all users. We are continuously taking steps to enhance our website and review on an ongoing basis the WEB CONTENT ACCESSIBILITY GUIDELINES (WCAG) 2.O  LEVEL AA, TO IMPROVE ACCESSIBILITY. Our site is reviewed by third party consultants to help us further enhance and improve our accessibility.  Our efforts will be reported here as we update and enhance your experience.  Please also check our mobile platform for further enhancements for your experience.

We hope we can answer all your questions with the following FAQ. If what you are looking for is not covered below,  We’d love to hear from you at:  [email protected]