Travel Club Program

Choose the Membership that suits your travel needs



Unique experiences, tours and accommodation for families and Special perks for your kids!


Cots are free and extra beds for under-12s are added to parents’ rooms at no extra charge. Kids stay free.

*Offers subject to individual property accommodations.


 Kids can enjoy biking, swimming and hiking  or Horseback riding, Duck-herding , Dune-bashing, or Arts & Crafts. Each of our partners offer their own exclusive offers.  Supervision levels is subject to terms and conditions of individual tour operators.


Parents can enjoy some free “me” time.  Many of our partners offers special  services for the kids.   This allows you some free time to enjoy each other while the kids have fun.  *subject to terms and conditions of the participating vendor.


Join with our local  partners to get the kids involved in local community projects that are educational, creative and worthwhile.  Each of our locations offers a unique way to participate, *subject to individual terms and conditions of each volunteer group.


  • Kaleidoskope Travel Club offers a monthly Membership or a Full year with a 30 day Free Trial.  Monthly membership is $15.00 and 1 year is $99.00 with a 30 day Trial. 
  • We also allow Gift Memberships and Gift Cards with an 1 year period for booking.
  • Charity Donations:  If you are booking a travel experience, you can donate directly via our charity pages.  You can also dedicate 5% of your club membership to a given charity.  We deduct this from your membership fees.  This is our gift to you for taking part in the world community.
  • Please consult the US state department before making any travel reservations.
  • Newsletter: All our First Look news is released on our newsletter so you are the first to know as a Club Member.   Our general newsletter is for public use and does no contain the same offers. We offer a $25 discount when you join our newsletter but the discount cannot be combined with other offers.  
  • Two Levels of Travel:  Porte Valise & Luxe Valise.   Each level allows you options to booking or having a concierge assist you with your arrangements.
     But don’t just take our word on all of this: see what other travelers  have to say.