United Kingdom: A Landscape of history

Travel to A Place with Many Traditions

With traditions and culture that dates back to Roman times, the people of the  United Kingdom live in daily concert with their history.  Each country that is part of the United Kingdom  has a distinctive culture and language.  Your travel experience to these various regions promises the warmth of the people who are happy to share their traditions.  The indomitable humour and spirit of the British people is legendary.

Poets and Novelists Inspire your Journey

Many British and Irish writers have captured the stories of universal human experiences like Jane Austin, James Joyce,  and the Bronte Sisters.  Poets like Keats or Elizabeth Barrett Browning put into words the spirit of the landscape.   Each celebrates the spirit of an era.  If you are interested in a particular writer you can visit their home or discover the places where they lived and worked.  Perhaps the landscape painter inspires you. Constable, whose vistas of the English landscape captured the wild spirit of a place or William Turner whose groundbreaking handling of oil paints and water color in the early 19th century still inspire artists today. Early portrait painters rose to prominence in the 16th century in the court of Henry VIII.  Many of these unique figures are now on display in the National Portrait Gallery in London. The culture and art of the United Kingdom ranges across all the places that make up this unique country.

Architecture and Villages Tell a Story of an Agrarian Economy

The unique architectural history of the United Kingdom can be told by the Castle, the  Keep  or  Manor House and the rambling Roman Wall that criss-crosses the landscape.  Many large stately homes and manors  have become hotels and destinations that we will recommend in our pages.  The nearby villagers who live and work in the shadow of the local manor house depend on the success of the place now as they did then.   Village life is still very important today,  throughout the United Kingdom.   

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Art and culture institutions in each of the major cities should be added to your itinerary.  All around the United Kingdom the National Trust is behind the preservation of artistic culture of the  stately homes and villages.  Could a field of wildflowers in England be protected by the National Trust?  Yes, in fact the historic fields of wildflowers across the countryside are now part of an effort to  preserve wildlife for generations to come.

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