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South Africa

Explore South Africa Legendary Scenic Wonders with our special tours here! Visit South Africa and you will have unforgettable moments.
Pacific Islands

French Polynesia

Would you like to come to French Polynesia? Discover our tours for a extraordinary experience and explore the paradise in Pacific Islands.


We invite you to explore Greece, a land of contrasts. Greek Islands, untouched villages & nature. The Mediterranean essence. The perfect setting for luxury.
North America


California. Land of Dreams, highways and bi-ways.  The engine of California’s prosperity has propelled it to the 6th largest economy in the world.  In the southern part of the state  “Silicon Beach” is home to incubators and startups. Silicon Valley began with engineers with dreams of a digital future now an everyday reality.  Industry such […]


Refuge ancient African traditions, Jamaica is the birthplace of reggae and the Rastafarian culture. His great orographic diversity, make this island a true gift of nature. Admire its mountainous landscape with peaks over 2,250 m. altitude, stroll along the beautiful beaches or reggae dancing until dawn, make this magical place that will last forever in […]
South America


Brazil is one of the most beautiful conuntries in the world. Would you like to discover Brazil with us? Check our tours now!


Are you looking for amazing landscapes, African wildlife & unique tribes? Kenya is your country! From Amboseli to Masai Mara, come with us to explore Kenya

United Kingdom: A Historical Landscape

Travel to A Place with Many Traditions With traditions and culture that dates back to Roman times, the people of the  United Kingdom live in daily concert with their history.  Each country that is part of the United Kingdom  has a distinctive culture and language.  Your travel experience to these various regions promises the warmth […]


Indonesia is a blend of unique cultures, beautiful landscapes and tropical beaches. Visit with us the famous Indonesian islands and live your dream!


Are you ready to live the life to the fullest & enjoy Thailand wonders? Thailand is a fantastic first trip to Asia and an ideal destination for honeymooners


Spain is one of the most unique European countries in its unique position as a crossroads to history.  Few countries wielded as much power as Spain with its powerful traditions and connection to the Catholic Church.  The peoples and culture are regional with a unique local tradition that might dominate with its food, arts and […]


Glories of Paris with its Architecture, Museums, Shopping, Food & Wine.


One of the world’s favorite tourist destinations, Italy welcomes you with its food, culture and wine that is the joy of life. The roots of this unique part of the world stretch far beyond the region’s  immediate borders. From the farthest corners of the United Kingdom the vestiges of the Roman Empire are in the […]
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