The Paris Adventuress Podcast

Season 1 – Now on Spotify, Apple and more

From the humble origins of a Paris Travel Blog begun over ten years ago, THE PARIS ADVENTURESS is now a radio show in the Los Angeles Market every Sunday morning from *8:30-9:00 am on KABC 790 TALK RADIO. The Paris Adventuress, Aka Pikke Allen the Travel Curator and Storyteller will share  advice on how to easily navigate one of the most well known travel destinations in the world. With parents who were artists and educators, she first encountered the streets of Paris as a teenager then returned years later to celebrate the life of her father, with friends. Now at you can dig deep into French Neighborhood Guides, Cooking, Wines, Tours and experiences about Paris and the surrounding regions of France.

The Paris Adventuress Podcast is a Personal Journey

The Paris Adventuress is a personal account of a life in Paris starting from a family visit during an academic sabbatical to a High School Exchange student then later as a solo traveler and luxury professional sitting in the rows of Fashion Week. The backdrop for the show is travel and the curation of guests will be from the arts, food, wine, fashion, history and their personal travel adventures both in Paris and the regions of France and Europe.  In addition, a SUBSTACK newsletter will be provided as additional content and the recently completed “Season I” of the podcast is also released on SUBSTACK on a weekly basis.

Season 2 is now in production and is seeking partners, guests and sponsors. For questions or inquiries about the podcast: Email us Here

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