glass filled with wine


Our Favorite Movies + Shows About Wine

When you want to travel with your eyes and pour yourself a glass for inspiration. We’ve sourced all our choices from streaming platforms so you can easily watch the shows from Home.
Name of ShowDescription Where to Watch
Under the VinesTwo people inherit a Vineyard in New Zealand and try to make it Profitable. PRIME/ ACORN MEDIA
SidewaysA hilarious string of events happen to two friends who tour the Santa Barbara Wine Country in search of perfect PINOT. PRIME
A GOOD YEARRussel Crowe wanted to make a movie and vacation in the French Wine country, too. PRIME/NETFLIX
WINE COUNTRYWhen a group of female friends go wine tasting their lives come into focus with each sip of wine. PRIME /NETFLIX
BOTTLE SHOCKThe famous moment in Paris when the French choose a California Wine. PRIME
UNCORKEDA Father wants to keep his son’s dream of winemaking on the back burner. PRIME
THE SECRET OF SAN VITTORIOWhat happens when a village in France must respond to the German invasion. Anthony Quinn stars. PRIME
BACK TO BURGUNDYBurgundy wine region and a wine family is the basis for this story about their struggles. PRIME/NETFLIX
A YEAR IN CHAMPAGNEA cheerful tour of champagne and the families who make it. NETFLIX
THE WINE SHOWOur favorite British Blokes join the experts to talk about the world of wine.ACORN MEDIA/PRIME
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