Reds: Bordeaux Wine Region

The city of Bordeaux and nearby Town of St. Emillion is the crowning Village of this unique region.

Everyone loves a good red wine. Sipping from a beautiful goblet of red vintage, is one of life’s pleasures. The Bordeaux country yields the red wines famous the world over for their deep character and quality. Our short tour through the region begins in the city of BORDEAUX.


One of France’s fastest growing cities. Bordeaux has all the bustle of a metropolis with the neighborhood feel of a small town. The avenues that were widened in the late 19th century are blended with historic medieval streets of other former centuries. Bordeaux’s golden age may be the 21st century as Parisians are leaving the north and migrating south for the change in lifestyle. Culture, beautiful architecture, food and wine make this destination a must on your next visit to France.

Wine Tours

For a short stay in the region a wine tour is recommended. This allows you to explore the specific wineries (mostly family owned) that are a charming reflection of the region. Some tours focus on boutique wineries that are family run and serve a tasting at the end. A region’s heart and soul is expressed by its food and wine. A tour to the beautiful town of St. Emilion is at the heart of this region and famous the world over.

Bordeaux Wine

The varietals grown in the region make this wine a unique in the world. The art of the blending of Cabernet and Merlot grapes is what makes the wine’s signature flavor dependent on both the specific region, soil and climate temperature. The river that divides the region creates a Left bank and the Right bank determines the wine’s character. A wine with higher tannins or acidity (Left Bank) or something a bit softer (Right Bank) can be enjoyed a bit earlier without the benefit of cellar time. A great book for learning the basics is “Wine Simple” an approachable guide to de-mystify the world of wine.

St. Emilion

Getting to St. Emilion by private car is a short trip from Bordeaux. At the crossroads of Perigord, Saintonge and Nouvelle Aquitaine the town sits atop a series of hills with beautiful views. I arrived the day of an official town ceremony in the Fall season. Dignitaries and town officials dressed in ceremonial robes stood in formation for a colorful festival that would mark the harvest season. You can a walk through the steep cobbled stones of the village roads that are centuries old; see the views, stop for a light lunch or step into a wine store where a helpful local expert will pour you a glass of history.