Spain Unravels Before You with A Public or Private Experience

Spain is one of the most unique European countries in its unique position as a crossroads to history.  Few countries wielded as much power as Spain with its powerful traditions and connection to the Catholic Church.  The peoples and culture are regional with a unique local tradition that might dominate with its food, arts and crafts or landscape.  As a traveler, you are served this powerful combination of food, history, culture and tradition as you wander from the larger cities of Madrid or Barcelona into the countryside of the various regions.  There are places to go that locals recommend; there are sustainable hotels that are the new vision for travel to Spain. We also recommend the unique personalized places created by owners to share their bountiful regions and properties.

This lodging, EL CARLITO is a perfect example of the intimate guest house that are beginning to become part of the travel scene in Spain.  They are personal,  unique and special Haciendas that allow you to truly enjoy the cultural and lifestyle.   If you wish to explore this property, get in touch with our contact form and we’ll put you in touch with the owners.  They’ll respond personally and coordinate with our travel team about your stay.    

El Carligto

El Carligto Private Villa

Discover El Carligto Experience! An exclusive private villa in Spain…

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