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Join A Travel Club with Real Advantages
  • We believe in Staying Small and Staying Safe
  • Boutique Hotels are Independent + Unique 
  • On Site Inspectors to Guarantee Cleanliness  +  Safety
  • Local Community Connections + Activities that Inspire or Challenge You
  • VIP Services + Perks for Club Members once you Book  3 Nights
  • Each Hotel is Curated for A Variety of Tastes + Travel Inspiration
  • Most Hotels offer 30% Off and Flexible Date Changes

INVITED MEMBERS Offers, Perks and Goodies by Booking with US 

We understand that flexibility is increasingly important in the current climate where travel plans are changing on a daily basis. Change your stay at the last minute, unlock instant access to benefits and save 10%, exclusively for INVITED members.  Our  VIP DESK at Small Luxury Hotels of the World and our Agency Consultants will Assist you to make sure you receive the offers you are entitled.   SIGN UP for CLUB CLICK HERE

As an INVITED member, you will unlock monthly exclusive offers and preferential treatment. These can include surprise experiences, luxury good offers and many more options provided by our partners.  But don’t just take our word on all of this: see what other travelers  have to say about our Concierge Services