Kaleidoskope Travel Club – WHY BOOK WITH US?

Join A Travel Club that Gives Back Around the World While you Travel

Exclusive hotel & tour offers as a member KALEIDOSKOPE  World CLUB.

  • Kaleidoskope Travel Club offers a monthly Membership or a Full year with a 30 day Free Trial.  Monthly membership is $15.00 and 1 year is $99.00 with a 30 day Trial. 
  • We also allow Gift Memberships and Gift Cards with an 1 year period for booking.
  • Charity Donations:  If you are booking a travel experience, you can donate directly via our charity pages.  You can also dedicate 5% of your club membership to a given charity.  We deduct this from your membership fees.  This is our gift to you for taking part in the world community. 
  • Tailor-made holidays: We search the world for unique experiences with our high standards reflected in our travel partners.  Our partners will re-open with the highest standards of protection in specific areas were allowed.  Please consult the US state department before making any travel reservations.
  • Newsletter: All our First Look news is released on our newsletter so you are the first to know as a Club Member.   Our general newsletter is for public use and does no contain the same offers. We offer a $25 discount when you join our newsletter and this cannot be combined with other offers.  
  • Two Levels of Travel:  Porte Valise & Luxe Valise.   Each level allows you options to booking or having a concierge assist you with your arrangements.
     But don’t just take our word on all of this: see what other travelers  have to say.