North America

North America - Once Called the 'New World'


A continent of unmapped territories, natural wonders and urbanization.  Together with National Geographic Society we can do our part to help with a donation.  We want to remind everyone that this continent was largely unexplored for almost two thousand years.  That gave it the title of “the new world” from the perspective of a European voyager.  This old style point of view is largely discounted.  There are many unique indigenous peoples who inhabit the extraordinary number of countries located in this part of the world.

“North America is one of three continents (along with South America and Oceania) that make up the “New World.” The continents were new to 15th-century European explorer  and home to the indigenous peoples living there” (*National Geographic).  Many unique countries are part of NORTH AMERICA continent  including a string of islands and sovereign nations all extraordinary places you can travel.

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