2Explore the paradise in the Caribbean Islands

Refuge ancient African traditions, Jamaica is the birthplace of reggae and the Rastafarian culture. His great orographic diversity, make this island a true gift of nature. Admire its mountainous landscape with peaks over 2,250 m. altitude, stroll along the beautiful beaches or reggae dancing until dawn, make this magical place that will last forever in the mind of the traveler. The most famous and exquisite beaches include Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios.

Jamaica is different, as well as the rich cities of the north coast and Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, his curious capital of Kingston is a lively place and animation . This is where politics , literature, music and art struggling for acceptance in the city of South Miami ‘s largest English speaking . The people are friendly , easy to deal with and very open to visitors .

It has 320 miles of beaches, some with few people and almost all resorts have a private beach.

Tourist attractions in Jamaica


You are on the southeast coast of the island, is the capital of Jamaica and the Anglophone Caribbean’s largest city. Built around the world’s seventh largest natural harbor , Kingston is known for its art and cultural activities , and is reputed to be ” the home of reggae .”

Montego Bay

Early in this century , is the quintessential tourist capital . Have more places than any other city in Jamaica, an international airport and several historic districts .


It is the main mountainous area of ​​Jamaica . It is located 103 miles from Kingston , is the largest mountain city of the island and the fifth city center. The city was founded in 1816 and named after Lord Mandeville , eldest son of the Duke of Manchester , Governor of the parish. The original structures of the period still remain.


Is on the western tip of the island and extends from Half Moon Bay in Hanover to Negril Lighthouse and consists of 11 miles of white sand beach , one of the best in the world . Negril has a free atmosphere and a variety of accommodations . By law no building exceeds the highest palm tree.

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios is in the middle of the north coast of Long Island . As Montego Bay offers a variety of accommodations and a busy marina. It is particularly known for its spectacular waterfalls , farms , beaches and beautiful tropical gardens.

Port Antonio

Located on the northeast coast of Jamaica, has maintained its charm of small, quiet fishing village. It offers the convenience and variety necessary for a quiet holiday with modern facilities for cruise ships.

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