Australia and Pacific Islands

Pure Nature and Emotions without Limits

Embark on a great journey into the unknown. Australia and Pacific Islands are synonymous of adventure, pure nature and emotions without limit.

Australia and Pacific Islands

As a land of stark contrasts, dominated by wild nature and a variety of races and cultures, Oceania is the dream of traveling to Antipodes. Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands… are protagonists of an unknown destination.

Australia, mix of large cosmopolitan cities and breathtaking natural grandeur, features a lovely mosaic marked by red sunset of the Australian outback, green vegetation, the birthplace of the aboriginal civilization, and some of the best turquoise seabed in the world.

Australia Sidney

Glaciers, green forests and ornamented volcanoes by an unknown fauna and wildlife make New Zealand an opportunity to go back in time.

Oceania Countries

Coral reefs, white sandy beaches, amazing volcanic islands… the traveler jutting into the Pacific Islands such us French Polynesia, Cook Islands and Easter Island is surprised by what nature has to offer.

pacific ocean islandsSail at night through the Pacific Ocean before dawn for a mirage of secluded beaches, swaying palm trees and crystal clear waters.

easter island statues

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