Italy is like a Family Member You Never Forget

One of the world’s favorite tourist destinations, Italy welcomes you with its food, culture and wine that is the joy of life. The roots of this unique part of the world stretch far beyond the region’s  immediate borders. From the farthest corners of the United Kingdom the vestiges of the Roman Empire are in the roads,  walls, bridges and fields that still remain today.  As you explore Italy you will discover many regional cultures and experiences that will linger.  The  Architecture has its roots in the Roman civilization where classical studies in art, literature, language, mathematics all reached their apex in the Renaissance era. 

The Heart of Italy is the People

Italy was once made up city states governed by families  who were often at war with each other. These families influenced the regional culture of Italian art, architecture through their civic works and patronage. These extraordinary civic projects can still be seen today in the buildings and palazzos of Florence, Rome or Milan. But the heart of the Italian life is the people. Welcoming guests, family and friends at the dinner table is a tradition. Restaurants and Cafes function as community meeting places like extensions of the home. Towns and villages around Italy are ready for your visit and eager to share their bounty at the table with you.

Why not make Italy your first stop in Europe?

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