The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music

What comes to mind when you think of Switzerland? Beautiful mountains covered in snow? Chalets with charming windows filled with red geraniums or the happiest cows in the world? Switzerland is a place where the citizens enjoy traditions that are a combination of both Germany and France. A country that has always been a neutral force for good in the world, Switzerland is a place that is both progressive and traditional. The people are friendly and hospitable. They enjoy the outdoors. Each season is cause for a celebration with holiday markets and festivals that share local crafts or decorations with food stalls of treats. Most of all, the friendliness of the Swiss people who might hail from many places across the world will welcome you.

Something for every taste in Switzerland

The culture of Switzerland is Swiss and European. A local and international experience awaits your visit. Contrasts are heightened in major cities like Geneva or Zurich where a stylish industrialism mixes with the homey local traditions. The borders of Switzerland are influenced by their close proximity to the culture and food of the regions. This creates a unique blending of cultures and traditions. Switzerland has something for everyone: you can take in the landscape of a mountain top trail, or stop into the local beer garden for a glass of local brew. You might enjoy a cozy chalet meal of cheese fondue. Our hotels in Switzerland reflect the different experiences from urban to country to an elegant chalet style hotel high up in the mountains for the winter season.

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