Unique Culture and Beautiful Landscapes

Do you know Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago?

Geographically located in Asia, we can speak of two distinct areas, the Great Sunda Islands (Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi) and the Lesser Sunda Islands (Bali, Timor, Maluku Islands and Nusa Tenggara).


During centuries of history, Indonesia has maintained an entrenched culture while adopting and incorporating the best of other cultures that have passed through their territory. Bali is well known as a premier tourist destination.

If you are wondering what things to do in Bali: the island fascinates the western world since the first Dutch ship arrived on its shores over 400 years ago.

It’s a blend of an extraordinary culture, breathtaking landscapes, and beautiful beaches. Many temples also delight the traveler who has a cultural motivation.

things to do in bali

Now, go beyond and don’t think of Bali just as a destination for sun and beach; Bali is much more than beaches: it’s culture, religion, spectacular nature…do not miss the Ubud area! The cultural heart of the island.

indonesia volcano

If you want beautiful beaches don’t forget to visit Lombok and the Gili Islands, will not disappoint you!

Discover the cultural and economic heart of Java and its temples of Borobudur and Prambanan.

Java Indonesia

Sumatra, the third largest island of Indonesia, is covered by a dense tropical jungle and inhabited by a variety of exotic wildlife (elephants, tigers, rhinos, orangutans, deer, foxes, etc.).

Another lost corner to note is the small island of Komodo, known for their “dragons”, the largest living lizard in the world.

Indonesia Wildlife

In our Indonesian tours you will be fascinated by amazing landscapes, green mountains, nearly three thousand meters deep canyons, rivers and pristine lakes in the highlands, a fascinating culture and magnificent homes and boats.

Come with us and explore Southeast Asia and Indonesia now!

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