Kaleidoskope’s Hummingbirds

The little Bird that Pollinates our World

The world’s best nature guide, Sir David Attenborough presents a special documentary on Hummingbirds. If you have not already noticed, our symbol is the hummingbird. This little creature actually has the fastest wings in the world. We chose this little bird for its unique story; the hummingbird is responsible to keeping the flowers and plants in most of the world’s regions pollinated. These powerful little birds are responsible for the maintenance of many of the world’s eco systems. No two species are alike; they are diverse in color, shine, feathers and purpose in their local habitats.

How did the Hummingbird Evolve?

The Little Hummingbird that Could – Photo by IZUMI

In South America, the rainforest and mountains are the terrain that helped develop the many species of hummingbirds that populate it. The little birds have developed various characteristics that have emerged over a millions of years to help them adapt to their needs. In an extraordinary timeline that is filled with partnerships, adaptations, and arrangements, the little birds and their accompanying flower partners have created a unique relationship. How does a hummingbird eat? Each tiny bird has a long beak that reaches into the petals to suck out the nectar with their slender tongues. By accident (or by design) the pollen sticks to their beaks and is carried from bloom to bloom; a hummingbird may be tiny, but the part they play in our ecosystems is mighty.

What is Pollination?

The process of pollination is a partnership between the creatures and the plants who work together to keep our planet in happy harmony. In other words, the flowers that offer particular hummingbirds their nectar are not just randomly chosen; through evolution the hummingbirds with the perfect set of specifications for particular flowers work together to support the birds energy and food needs while also making sure that the flowers continue to grow and multiply. This means that the flowers bloom, the hummingbirds buzz and the eco system is maintained and continued on our planet.

The Power of Community

The hummingbird is a solo artist. The little birds are the world’s smallest mammals. Each little chick born to a a hummingbird family has a precarious existence before they finally grow up; the nest that allows for the care and feeding by the mother hummingbird but their survival is just a chance of nature. But when they survive, they are powerful. The eco systems of the world need protection so this little bird can do what it does best: Help the world continue to grow its biodiversity in areas that support other wildlife in a complex and unique eco system.

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