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Kaleidoskope’s Hummingbirds

The little Bird that Pollinates our World The world’s best nature guide, Sir David Attenborough presents a special documentary on Hummingbirds. If you have not already noticed, our symbol is the hummingbird. This little creature actually has the fastest wings in the world. We chose this little bird for its unique story; the hummingbird is […]

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How to enjoy a winter walk in nature

By Alex Verbeek, Planet + Culture Director ▷  LISTEN  Those who have followed my writing for a few years will find several recurring themes. My worries about climate change and the loss of nature may be the first ones that come to mind, and my love for nature in all its beauty and diversity is another prominent theme.I wish I could stick […]

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Check into the Forest

Landscape Hotels Promise A Room with A View A new world of hotels, if you wish to call them that, has sprung up around the world. They are sustainable and they work with the environment around them. These hotels are particularly created with high design standards and green integrity. Architects, designers and builders work together […]

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