Author name: Alex Verbeek

Mr. Verbeek is a Dutch environmentalist, writer, public speaker, and an independent advisor on global issues related to climate, security, water, food, energy and resources. He collaborates with governments, businesses, think tanks and civil society agencies to create solutions for the challenges of the 21st century. Currently, Alexander is Policy Director at the Environment & Development Resource Centre (EDRC) in Brussels. Alexander is writer/editor of The Planet, a rapidly growing Substack newsletter about the threats to our environment as well as the beauty of nature: Alexander is recognized online as an influential leader to follow on climate change. His online following on all social media is more than 400,000 and he is often interviewed on TRT World Television and other media.

How to enjoy a winter walk in nature

By Alex Verbeek, Planet + Culture Director ▷  LISTEN  Those who have followed my writing for a few years will find several recurring themes. My worries about climate change and the loss of nature may be the first ones that come to mind, and my love for nature in all its beauty and diversity is another prominent theme.I wish I could stick […]

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