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Wine Tasting From Your Couch

Wine Documentaries To Watch One of our favorite ways to learn about wine is to watch the many wonderful documentaries that follow the wine making process. Many of the world’s most famous wines are created by families, some at the… Read More

clouds during sunset

Travels with Alexander – Portugal

Kaleidoskope Sustainability + Planet Culture Co-Founder travels the Pilgrimage Trails in Portugal Logroño Walking the Camino de Santiago Alexander Verbeek 🌍Jun 2319 It’s not always possible to write. Walking is like a full-time activity, especially if you add the time… Read More

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Back to the Dunes

Photos of the wildflowers from the dunes of the Islands By Alexander Verbeek, Director of Planet Sustainability + Culture at Kaleidoskope Travel A New Journey that Unfolds I try to fly as little as possible, but there are no realistic… Read More

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