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Travels with Alexander: A Day in Pamplona

Wildfires stopped pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago Photo Essay

Alex Verbeek: Director of Sustainability & Planet Culture

Alexander Verbeek 🌍Jun 211822

Pamplona (all photos: Alexander Verbeek)

I stayed a day in Pamplona and waited to hear if the way to Santiago would be open for pilgrims. Only towards the evening it became clear that no walking was allowed on the Camino between Pamplona and Logroño. Wildfires made it too dangerous, so the police was sending walkers back.

It gave me time to catch up with work, write, and explore this pleasant city. It was here that I saw the first pilgrims five years ago during my first visit to Pamplona. I remember a man with a big backpack disappearing into a church. This morning, I was in that same church, which had been transformed into a hostel for pilgrims many years ago.

I will share some photos, without text. To give an impression. Remember to put this city on your short list for next visits

The colorful streets

Hemingway is everywhere: his favorite cafe (above), his statue (in front of the bull ring, no surprises here), and in the streets.

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