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Letter from the Editor

The Road Less Traveled What I know for sure, is we are all itching to travel again.  Whether you want to go on a road trip, a weekend getaway or grand tour your travel experience has a different set of… Read More

blue skies

Hot Planet + Egg Eating Polar Bears

New Reports on How A Hotter Planet Affects Wildlife Editor’s Forward: Director of Sustainability + Planet Culture, Alex Verbeek reviews the latest headlines + commentary on how the human race is doing with sustainability. The climate crisis is the perfect… Read More

northern lights

The Great Melt: Report

From the frontline of Climate Change Sometimes the Antarctic is briefly in the news, which often means more bad news from the frozen continent, and ultimately, for us. This week was such an occasion. Scientists warned that a floating section at the front of the Thwaites Glacier could crack and… Read More

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A Morning Run with The Ponies

In the Dunes Forward from the Editor: Alex Verbeek is currently in the Netherlands where he shares with us his experiences in this unique corner of the world. His on the spot nature experiences are aptly mixed with his perspective… Read More

We’ll Always Have Paris, Won’t We?

Coming Home for One Paris Traveler When I was young, I wanted to travel the world and believed that I would never get tired of exploring new destinations. Now, in my fifties, I haven’t lost that spirit. Like most people,… Read More

Conde Nast Traveler: The Votes are In

Reader’s Choice Awards Highlights TABLET HOTELS + SLH HOTELS Top 10 Paris Hotels The votes are in and we couldn’t be happier: Our Collection of the World’s great Hotels includes a list of our favorite city, PARIS, FRANCE. Here our… Read More

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