Good Morning, Paradise

Waken to the sounds of falling water and tropical birds in this extraordinary place.  Belize is a unique and unspoiled place on our planet.  GAIA Riverlodge is a retreat that has been created to blend entirely with its surroundings of nature in this jungle escape.  Built from the ground up with sustainability in mind the riverlodge escape is located atop the Five Sisters Waterfalls.  Each cabin or thatched hut has been thoughtfully created to blend into the environment.  The property is entirely off the grid with a water based hydroelectric power to sustain it; no need for heat or air conditioners as the microclimate is perfect for both living and enjoying the natural surroundings.


With its sustainability always in mind, the lodge has a unique relationship with the local community and its artisans, growers and cultural sites.   You can easily explore nearby attractions and learn about the Belizean culture.  Mayan traditions like farming, baking and cooking and even how to make special chocolate beverages.  A women’s collective is nearby that supports Mayan traditions.  Tours and special walks into the area highlight the unique ancient cultures with experts who assist you in your discovery.

Farm to Table Cuisine

The unique character of the home grown cuisine comes from the areas surrounding the lodge. The authentic flavors of Central America and regional cuisine of Belize blend together to make your meals an experience; fish and agricultural produce are all locally produced and this is part of your experience.  Your arrival will also help to support the local community who is eager to share their countryside with you at the local markets as you explore with local guides.

Your Cozy Hut in Paradise

Each River Lodge hut is built with comfort and sustainability in mind; privacy and quiet plus the comforts of a spartan interior make each hut a secret paradise.  Even the spa is set up to treat you with local beauty experiences like massages, facials you can enjoy surrounded by quiet scenery.  The huts can accommodate two visitors as their footprint is designed to blend in with the surroundings.

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