Dream Homes Around the World

Boutique Hotels are Dream Homes

So many of us have been sheltering at home we can only dream of what it must be like to travel again.  But the idea of a boutique hotel that has all the comforts of a dream home is a very appealing alternative.  You could rent your own home, but that is like bringing the issues of home life to another location.  With a boutique hotel its the quiet and privacy of a fine home but without the fuss and bother of owning.  No need to supervise a gardener or chef, or the dog walkers.  The boutique hotel is the answer to the “Dream Home AWAY from Home”  and we have some lovely ideas of where to travel that lands you right on the doorstep of your full service boutique hotel and villas.

These boutique locations all have unique amenities and when you book at each one you are automatically entered into the Travel Club that offers Resort Discounts and other perks to make your trip even better.   Enjoy private chef prepared dinners,  a swim or visit with the manta rays or even a hike in the desert or a private wine-oriented spa experience.

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