Roadtrip Essentials: California Dreamin’

The Classic Roadtrip has returned to the top of our Travel List.  We thought it was about the perfect time to put together our list of  helpful items to make your road trip smooth sailing.  Kids of all ages are always a factor in the road trip “Are We There Yet?” situation that every parent dreads.   A great road trip guidebook is the perfect place to start, try this one that covers fifty states.  “The 50 Best Road Trips” 

We suggest getting started with our friends from LONELY PLANET with their ROAD TRIPS GUIDE BOOK. 

My Kid Sister and  I loved the Road Trip.   I have seen the entire Western United States from the back seat of our car including the Grand Canyon, Colorado, Arizona and all the places in between. Imagination and storytelling combined with technology can replace some of the missing school lessons.  We think that’s a good thing.  The road trip has taken on new meaning especially when the trip involves history,  nature or the great outdoors.   This list is a Mix of NEW and OLD SCHOOL so we hope it will help you get started for your upcoming ROAD TRIP for the holiday season.  Keep in touch with your local school instructor if you want to add schoolwork to the mix.

For the Kids + Friends:  Old School and New School Entertainment

For Older Teens to Keep them Happy on the Road

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