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TABLET HOTELS Joins KALEIDOSKOPE Travel to offer A Curated Hotels Collection for every Traveler

What is Tablet Hotels all about? For 20+ years they have scoured the earth, evaluating hotels that meet every taste and budget. But, they didn’t stop there.  Their hand-picked selection is both proven and inspired. This very painstaking curation led to the Michelin Guide making TABLET the official hotel selection of their legendary Guide famous for its gastronomic and local guides to traveling around Europe.  

We can Curate and Create Unique Experiences around the World  

The thing is, you don’t just sleep in a hotel, you live there, for a night or two, at least or longer.  While you’re there you’re not just getting used to a different pillow, but trying on a whole different life — our hotels make you feel  pretty good, and you won’t be living in a world of beige or brown anymore; you’ll be living the life less traveled, a life that is adventuress and definitely conversation worthy. Suddenly, you’ll become something everyone envies: Colorful, Boho, Artistic and yes, someone with excellent taste. 

Tablet Hotels are Destinations: Where to Start?  The first step is FREE so just sign up at TABLET right HERE.

Taking it up a notch is the TABLET offer and you can try it out for 30 days to see if you like it.  Here is the link to do that right now and when you are signed up, send us an email and we’ll start curating, collecting and creating your trip. Kaleidoscope Travel Magazine features our WEEKLY TABLET favorites and you can easily book an itinerary that is selected by us and tell us your travel plans.   Follow Us on Twitter for updates on our new and exciting offers for your travel experiences.

Let the Adventure Begin! Email us Here to set up a Zoom Call or Email us directly and we’ll send you Information.

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